Spot2 GPS Tracker
  • Helps people find you
  • Virtual world-wide coverage
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 500 contacts for check-in
  • Up to 500 contacts for help
  • Send Text or Email (W/Connect)
  • 911 Help



Save $150 Compared to Spot Gen-3

FREE  Same Day Shipping - 3-Day delivery!

Spot-2 GPS Tracker

Spot-2 GPS Tracker

Spot-2 GPS Tracker
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Get the SPOT Satellite Tracker here now! From your desire to help keep you safe from that unexpected situation to just letting people know where you are and share your experience. Best price and service available from anyone. SPOT2 Satellite Tracker - requires only the basic service level. Same day shipping 3-Day Delivery.  ORDER YOURS NOW!

On or near the water? You might also select your color and add the Floatation Case which is rust and salt water resistant but probably most important is that it is reliable "self-righting" floatation since Spot needs to face the sky in order to transmit. Add this at time of your order and same an instant $10 from regular selling price.

Features Benefits
30% Lighter weight than Spot-1 Even better to carry in a backpack where weight really matters
Improved Antenna Performance Assists in GPS aquisition and transmission
Multi-Function by the Botton Will do basic "check-in, Help, "911" or "SOS" fully automated
Can do Tracking (Optional feature) Allows others to track your progress (Optional feature)
100% Satellite Communication Works where Cell phone just don't
A very solid product It works!
Reasonably priced Affordable for all to buy and enjoy


Dark Orange is going to give you great coverage

Light Gray Coverage Will Be Next to Non-Existant

Global Coverage showing from best performance (dark orange) to None (Light Grey)
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