Global coverage now includeds all of Alaska and Aleutian Isands

  • Helps people find you
  • Virtual world-wide coverage
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Up to 500 contacts for check-in
  • Up to 500 contacts for help
  • Send Text or Email (W/Connect)
  • 911 Help

Buy Spot-2 Now!

We Have The Hard To Find Spot-2

Save $125 Compared to Spot Gen3*

Only $74.99

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Spot-2 GPS Tracker

Spot-2 GPS Tracker

Spot-2 GPS Tracker
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Get the SPOT Satellite Tracker here now! From your desire to help keep you safe from that unexpected situation to just letting people know where you are and share your experience. Best price and service available from anyone. Remember,  SPOT2 Satellite Tracker SPOT-2 still only requires the basic $100 Service Fee!.  Get 3-Day shipping too!

On or near the water? You might also select your color and add the Floatation Case which is rust and salt water resistant but probably most important is that it is reliable "self-righting" floatation since Spot needs to face the sky in order to transmit. Add this at time of order and earn an instant $10 off regular selling price if ordered separately.

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*  Save $75 compared to Gen-3 plus Save $50 on Service when compared to Gen-3      for $100 Savings
    Savings available while supplies last

Going on an Adventure? Let the world know where you are.  Give yourself peace of mind that you can alert the world if you do need help! 

This is not your normal GPS! 

Whatever your adventure travel is, SPOT Satellite Tracker is there for you.  From climbing the Andes Mountains, backpacking in the wilderness, family travel with a full size RV or camping trailer or tent, Spot GPS Personal Tracker is there for you, even when cell phones don't work.  Just a simple push of the botton and all your friends and family can know where you are.  Even has 911 for those extreme situations wherever your World Travel Takes you.  SPOT has you covered - you need SPOT.

Now you can have the peace of mind to go where you want to with your SPOT Personal Tracker. This GPS device operates as a transmitter via 48 satellites and will allow you to inform relatives, friends, and emergency personnel of your exact status. Since the SPOT Personal Tracker uses satellite technology, you will no longer need to rely on your cell phone which may likely not even work in some of the more out of the way places you may find yourself. The SPOT GPS Personal Tracker is the perfect and affordable way you can get piece of mind when you are on the go.  You need SPOT!
Spot Connect

Spot Connect

Spot Connect
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Spot connect - use in conjunction with your Smart Phone. Communicate with up to 500 contacts with up to 14 separate messages. Better yet, communicate with your contacts with on the fly message with up to 41 characters via your Smart Phone. Get all the functionaliity of Spot-2 plus more contacts and freedom to send your on the fly message!

Now combine your SmartPhone with Spot Connect! Better yet, we will provide you same day shipping and 3-day delivery! All this for the lowest allowed price of $125.99.
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Light Weight 4.9 oz with batteries
Integrates with Social Networks Facebook, Twitter, Spot Adventures
Type and Send Messages Up to 41 characters (Optional svc req)
Batteries (2) AA Lithium Ion Batteries
SOS Button Allows standalone activation
Track Progress Google Maps and Spot Adventures
IPhone and Android Qualified Apps available for either Smart Phone
*  Basic Terms of Rebate Offer:  1.  Must purchase between 5/23/13 and 9/2/13.  2.  Must purchase both basic service ($100) plus Tracking Option ($50).  3.  Limit (3) rebates per address.
Spot Global Coverage

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